Your site offers a big list of summarized contents, but you dont want the user to click, wait for loading, then go back to the list page losing where they were. So let them have a quick preview but showing them the full content ( or just a little more ) using a lightbox style overlay.

The most efficient solution right now, is to use the colorbox module  with the colorbox node module , the last one beeing the one doing the magic.

Integrated with views

Colorbox node is integrated with views and extends the option "link this field to the original piece of content" offering a new checkbox to "Display the content inside of a colorbox", and height / width parameters. Just plug and play.

Placed on a link manually

By just adding the class "colorbox-node" to any internal link, will open the supported content in a colorbox

<a class="colorbox-node" href="blogs/my-example?width=600&height=600">My Example</a>

The best how to is found in the drupal community documentation  : How to use EntityFielQuery